06 oktober 2020

VRC Launches Training on Measuring Societal Impact

VRC Launches Training on Measuring Societal Impact

Increasingly financial professionals need to assess an organisation’s impact on society. For example, how does an organisation contribute to climate, biodiversity or worker rights? To address this need, additional education and skills are required. For that reason, the Association of Register Controllers (VRC) and Impact Institute proudly announce a collaboration to offer VRC members an Impact Professional Programme.The programme includes lectures and training on quantifying and steering on organizational impacts, in exchange for PE points.


The Impact Professional Programme aims to equip professionals with the skills to measure and steer on impact, and help them develop their future business strategy. It offers courses to get started with impact measurement, training for specific types of professions and roles such as sustainability or financial professional. In addition, it includes a year long course to become a certified impact professional. The programmes aims to address the increasing demand by regulators to integrate climate risks and human rights into financial projections. Next to quantitative modelling, the programme also focuses on qualitative assessments, communication and change management.


Rajesh Balgobind, Treasurer VRC: “We believe our members and other financial professionals can pioneer the application of impact into financial procedures and contribute to societal value creation” Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director Impact Institute: “The COVID-19 crisis shows us how important it is that professionals can anticipate on impacts on and dependencies of society. Our goal is to have one million impact professionals in 2030.”

The Programme builds onto methodologies applied to leading companies such as DBS Bank in Singapore and ABN AMRO Bank, but also intitutions such as United Nations Environment. The Programme will be taught by seasoned experts in impact measurement and valuation in a business context, working at Impact Institute. These include experts with advanced background in finance and economics, including trainers with PhDs in finance and econometrics. In addition, the program is designed to learn from peers from other organizations who face similar challenges.Upon completion of the programme, professionals will receive a PE-Points certified by the VRC. In addition, participants who succesfully fulfilled their course or training get a certificate.

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Visit Impact Institute’s website to register .

About Impact Institute
The Impact Institute is a social enterprise and a spin-off of True Price. True Price, founded in 2012, developed methods and tools to measure and monetize impact. In 2018, True Price decided to continue as a non-profit focused on maintaining a standard and community to realize true pricing, a system where consumers can see and voluntarily pay the true price of their products. All services, as well as the development of new methods and technologies, have been spun off to the Impact Institute. Impact Institute works for clients in the corporate, financial, non profit and public sectors in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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